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Whirlpool launches its new innovative FreshCare+ Washing Machine in the Region

The revolutionary FreshCare+ system keeps the garments fresh for up to six hours after the cycle is over

UAE, May 29, 2018: In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are busy juggling between the demands of their personal and professional lives. There is growing need for appliances that reduce time and human effort invested in accomplishing house chores.

Whirlpool’s new FreshCare+ Washing Machine, simplifies this need by keeping clothes fresh for up to six hours after the cycle is over. It is powered by the FreshCare+ system which uses gentle effective steaming and tumbling actions to prevent the formation of creases and odor, so consumers no longer need to worry about leaving their laundry inside the washing machine at the end of a cycle. 

Take your time… there’s no rush to unload your laundry!

Whirlpool’s new washing machine features a unique FreshCare+ system that adapts to your daily schedule instead of fitting your life around that, keeping your laundry fresh for up to 6 hours after the cycle has completed. This means you don’t have to worry when you want to stay out or you don’t have the time to unload the laundry. Without the need to take out your clothes immediately after the cycle, you can still be certain of a high level of laundry care and outstanding washing results thanks to SoftMove, an advanced system that adapts the drum movement to each fabric type. 

6TH SENSE technology – The intelligence behind outstanding washing results 

The intuitive 6TH SENSE Technology by Whirlpool, automatically detects the amount of laundry and chooses the best setting according to the fabric type, guaranteeing optimal performance, as well as saving time, energy and water.

Once the user selects the desired programme, the washing machine uses advanced sensors to monitor water level, motor torque and temperature. Several algorithms detect and define for each programme phase and the best settings according to load type and laundry size. This ensures perfect washing, along with unbeatable efficiency in terms of time, energy and water saving. 

Soft Move- Dedicated treatments for all fabric types

The washing machine uses advanced technology to help care for even the most delicate fabrics. Its SoftMove System allows the drum to perform an exclusive set of specific movements to adapt to the fabric type for impeccable results. The system sets up to six tailored drum movements and the duration of each washing phase, from the initial water intake to the final spinning. This precision helps to protect the colour and shape of your clothes and ensure the best washing performance. It is possible to choose between 14 different programmes to take on everything from jeans and cottons to delicate fabrics like wool and silk. 

Perfect cleaning at 15°C rather than 40°C

The Colour15°C washing cycle helps the original beauty and colour of your clothes last. It guarantees the same performance as a 40°C wash programme, all thanks to the SoftMove system. This moves clothes loosely within the drum to better absorb detergent, resulting in a more effective wash even at the lowest temperature, with colors that last longer. 

Cleaning power that adapts to your needs 

The Clean+ option makes it effortless to customise the washing cycle to your specific needs and according to the soil level. Depending on how dirty the clothes are, simply choose between Intensive, Daily or Fast.

An advanced motor for long lasting performance 

At the heart of every FreshCare+ washing machine is the SenseInverter Motor, a quiet and advanced brushless motor, which ensures its quiet performance and long-lasting durability. The SenseInverter Motor is highly energy efficient and offers up to 30% of saving compared to A+++ class. 

The new FreshCare+ washing machine is available across retail stores in selected markets across Middle East and Africa. or by visiting our Facebook page 


For further information, please contact:

Whirlpool Corporation
Layal Dalal 
Regional Communications Manager MEA