Upcoming Events

Oman Maritime Confex
  • 28 JAN 2020 - 31 JAN 2020
  • Venue : Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

The concept of the event emerged from the importance of the sea as natural sustainable resource that can be utilized in the best way to improve & develop various economic industries related to the sea, demonstrating the competitive advantage of the strategic location of the Sultanate, through an exhibition that brings together all various sectors, industries & activities under one umbrella in addition to a conference that attracts global experiences & experts to discuss emerging issues facing maritime industry in the international arena.

The event will include specialized workshops covering several domains in addition to art shows, competitions & seafood court …etc.

The Exhibition: Several local & international companies will participate in the event to showcase pioneer solutions pertaining to fisheries and fish farming, the latest technologies & advanced innovations & services which meet the needs & requirements of all industries including but not limited to ship building , sailing , fishing and sailing equipment. On the sidelines of the exhibition, a special conference will be organized to discuss issues and latest trends in the international level.

The Conference: The conference is expected to attract speakers, local and international experts from different fields, sectors and activities related to the Maritime Sector to present different experiences, expertise and exchange information, statistics and knowledge. In addition, the speakers will share the challenges and opportunities which encounter the activities related to the Maritime sectors including but not limited to, fisheries, marine transport, marine tourism and other relevant sectors. The conference will include a variety of specialized workshops covering specific domains that will provide practical recommendations.

Winter Village
  • 16 JAN 2020 - 25 JAN 2020
  • Venue : Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

Winter Village is a public event designed to attract the people from Oman to come out and enjoy the winter season with family and friends at a uniquely themed environment that will offer great entertainment and amusement for everyone. There will be entertainment for the whole family! Starting from Kids shows, Winter Souq, food & lots of fun!