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GresX2 by Coem: twice the thickness, for the strength you were looking for

Looking for a solution for outdoor paving for your garden or courtyard designed to be reliable and durable, yet at the same time offer you a rich variety of choices to satisfy your creative spirit? Look no further than GresX2 by Coem.

The robust two-centimetre thickness boosts the solidity not only of walkways and pavements, but also of surfaces subject to heavy loads, such as driveways and garages. There are a variety of laying solutions available, all of them very simple: dry laying directly on grass, gravel or sand, or traditional laying with glue for surfaces that can be driven over.

The two-centimetre thickness is an excellent solution for raised floors outdoors, including public premises with outdoor areas, such as the verandas of restaurants or bars, gazebos and panoramic terraces.

The variability of the patterns and colours offers added value, allowing you to choose from a variety of natural effects to suit your needs.

A set of special trims completes the range, making the collections even more versatile.

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