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Auto Parts International LLC V Kool Oman

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V-KOOL® is the undisputed leader in the hi-tech, high performance, premium window film market for the automotive industry. Known for its unsurpassed record in delivering performance and professionalism,

V-KOOL® brand is internationally acclaimed. V-KOOL® films are marketed under franchise system by Eastman Chemicals Inc. (‘the Franchisor’) – a market leading performance material and specialty chemicals company listed on NYSE.

A truly global brand, V-KOOL® can be found in almost 30 countries with more than 600 retail points spread across worldwide in Asia, Pacific rim region, Middle East, America, South Americas and Europe.

V-KOOL® is specialized in marketing and franchising high performance thin films for the automotive and architectural segments.

V-KOOL is the world’s only spectrally selective sputtered window film that blocks out 95% of infra-red and 99% of ultra violet and yet remaining clear with a visible light transmission of about 70%. V-KOOL films are produces by NASDAQ listed, Southwall Technologies (STI). Another testimonial of V-KOOL success is when the top European car manufacturers, such as Mercedes, Audi, Renault and Volvo, incorporated V-KOOL technology as a cooling solution at the OEM level.

Reduces CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of power required to cool the car.

Having V-KOOL on your car means less air-conditioning load. That increases fuel efficiency by 3%. Translates to 132 kgs of CO2 reduction. This is equivalent to Using a Washing machine for 1 year Using a Fridge for 7 months


A car with V-KOOL applied on its windows is the equivalent to the contribution of 11 trees in terms of CO2 reductions.

V-KOOL was awarded as “Top 100 Inventions of the Millennium” by Popular Science.

It’s one thing to promise. And a whole new ball game when it’s time to deliver.’

When you are V-KOOLed, it’s a promise delivered.


  • Category Name : WINDOW FILMS
  • Country of Origin : USA
Kool Ranges From Top - Of - The - Line Spectrally Selective Clear Films To Value - For - Money High - Performance Films that Aim To Meet Your Needs

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